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I did so many websites in the past I couldn’t remember them all, but let me share some of the memorable ones and the recent projects I’ve worked on. Each project has its own story, challenges, and triumphs, shaping my journey as a web developer and designer. Let’s delve into some of these experiences, giving you a glimpse into my portfolio and the diverse range of projects I’ve been fortunate to be a part of.

Halsingesolceller.se – I worked on this project a while back and it sticks in my memory because the client was Swedish, and we had trouble communicating due to language barriers. Online translations weren’t as reliable back then. However, the client, Björn Molin, was determined to have me on board, and we made it work. Now, he’s managing the website independently and has built a strong online presence in Sweden.

Rightsecurity.com.ph – When I was tasked with working on Righsecurity.com.ph, I encountered a unique challenge: the website was frequently targeted by hackers due to its security-related domain name. Despite these persistent threats, the owner, Hitesh, entrusted me with the project to enhance its online marketing presence. At a time when Facebook was not yet a prominent marketing tool, I worked diligently to elevate the website’s visibility and promote its CCTV camera offerings. Despite encountering multiple hacking incidents, I was able to swiftly recover and restore the website each time, minimizing downtime and ensuring uninterrupted service for users.

Issmp.ph – Issmp.ph presented an intriguing opportunity for me to showcase my skills. This website offers services for bald men, specifically scalp micro-pigmentation—a procedure that mimics the appearance of hair through tattooing. This project posed a unique challenge as I needed to grasp the intricacies of the procedure to effectively represent the service online. Despite the complexity, I embraced the challenge with enthusiasm, delving deep into the process to ensure accurate portrayal on the website. This project exemplifies my dedication to understanding my clients’ needs and delivering tailored solutions that exceed expectations.

Themayakitchen.com – When I was brought on board to work on themayakitchen.com, the website was already operational. However, the client sought my expertise to revamp it and elevate its functionality. I undertook this task with meticulous attention to detail, reorganizing their posts, images, and articles to enhance user experience and streamline navigation. Additionally, I played an integral role in capturing the essence of their culinary events through photography and video editing, further enriching the website’s appeal and ensuring it remained a valuable resource for visitors. This project epitomizes my dedication to exceeding client expectations and delivering exceptional results.

Dawishland.com – Dawishland.com stands as a testament to my commitment to crafting tailored solutions for my clients. This real estate website, showcasing lush island properties in my hometown of Marinduque, is among my recent projects. The owner’s vision was clear: to provide comprehensive information to prospects, alleviating the need for repetitive inquiries. By meticulously designing the website to address these needs, the owner now spends less time fielding common questions and more time closing deals. The result? Increased property sales and a thriving business.

DiveMarinduque.com – DiveMarinduque.com embodies my dedication to immersing myself in diverse industries to better serve my clients. This website offers diving lessons, requiring me to delve into the intricacies of various diving certifications. So committed was I to understanding the field that I enrolled my own son in a diving course offered through the website. By gaining firsthand experience and knowledge, I ensured that Divemarinduque.com provided accurate and valuable information to diving enthusiasts. This project exemplifies my willingness to go the extra mile to deliver exceptional results for my clients.

And then there are my Filipino Martial Arts websites, a testament to my dedication to preserving these ancient arts. As a Filipino Martial Artist deeply immersed in these disciplines for years, I’ve crafted websites aimed at safeguarding their legacy.

Decampo123.org – Decampo123.org is dedicated to preserving the rich heritage of Filipino Martial Arts. Focused on the De Campo 123 Original style founded in 1927 by Grandmaster Jose Caballero, this website serves as a digital repository of this ancient art. Additionally, I developed an online course hosted on the website to support the Caballero family financially.

Estocadas.com – Estocadas.com is another platform aimed at preserving the traditional Filipino Martial Arts style of Arnis. Founded by GM Bernas, this website not only showcases the art but also tells a story of compassion. Witnessing GM Bernas’ financial struggles, I invited him to Marinduque, where we developed an online course together over the course of a year. Today, GM Bernas is settled and content in our island province.

Arnesdiablo.org – Arnesdiablo.com is dedicated to preserving the legacy of the knife-fighting art of Baraw Sugbo or Arnes Diablo, taught by GM Eduardo Ceniza in Cebu. By creating this website, I ensured that GM Ceniza’s father’s legacy remains intact and protected from those seeking to exploit it.

In addition to these endeavors, I’ve continuously invested in my professional development through seminars, online courses, and self-study to stay abreast of the latest technological advancements in web development. This commitment ensures that I deliver top-notch solutions to my clients, no matter the challenge.

So there you have it—just a glimpse into the projects that have shaped my career and fueled my passion for creating meaningful online experiences. If you’re ready to embark on your own digital journey, I’m here to bring your vision to life.